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Peter Paulson's Biography

I grew up in Southern California and served in the U. S. Navy for four years after training as a linguist at Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterey, California. Then after employment as a corporate trainer at the world headquarters of Avis in New York City (before it moved to New Jersey) I had a 17-year career as a radio announcer at various West Coast stations from Portland to San Jose. I've worked every airshift around the clock and worn the hats of production director, music director, news director, and program director. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I don't miss radio at all. (I still have nightmares about dead air though.)

I began speaking in public venues several years ago when I was invited to be a presenter at a Mensa convention in San Diego. Before long I had developed talks on several topics that I was giving around the western states at clubs, meetings, fundraisers, and conventions. I enjoy public speaking, and I have been well received. Here are the programs I currently offer.

At the same time I'm developing as a singer-songwriter. I've been writing and singing songs for years, but for some reason my sense of craft has peaked, and I'm doing better work than ever before. You could call my style alternative country. (No hat.) Check out some of my tunes here.

I've played leading roles in community theater plays and musicals, and I hope one day to direct one of my own plays. I have a great one-act that's ready for production.

Random thoughts. I'm an undercover introvert who has learned to live in an extrovert's world. All those years of talking up song intros on the radio taught me not to waste words. Being an autodidact, I think formal education is often over-rated. Many parents urge their children to finish their education. I hope I never finish mine.

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